The waves rush over the stony shore,
And heave and sing on the ocean floor.
Clouds hurry by in a darkening sky,
And the moon rises over the sea.

And we rest on one another like a million grains of sand,
And we lean on one another, take each others’ lives in our hands.
And then we are flung together like the pebbles on the shore,
And we're rolling round together, we’re rocking round together
We'll be rolling round together, for now and ever more.

The wheat and barley were sown the first, 
The fields are as full as a rich man’s purse.
There are flowers in the hedgerow, sheep on the marsh,
And the hare leaps over the lea.

And we rest etc.

Light the fire in the stony hearth,
The wind blows chill cross the snow filled path.
Hear the owls floating cry, see the fox go to earth,
As the stars gaze down from the sky.

And we rest etc. 

Miggy Campbell