(Capo 2)

G            C           D           G
When I dream I dream of you,
    C        D                         GCG
When I wake I wake with you
    G        B7                 C
When I sing I sing to you
                     G             D         Em  C
Tho we're a hundred miles apart
                    G             D           G
We're a hundred miles apart

You touched my heart twenty years before
I had the world to explore knocking at the door
I took the road, said fond farewells
Off on a journey to a brave new world (x 2)

Ch: Long-distance loving
Em                    C
The threads that bind us
G                   D            G    C
Bring you home to me
Long-distance loving
Em                     C
My heart is calling
G                  D                  G
To brings you safely home to me

That old circle turns and turns again
Time has passed, my babies are growing
Passing by we meet again
And again, again and again (x 2)

And so our paths in life are joined once more,
We're walking this road together
Fate brought you here and here you'll stay
This is our time and our time is forever (x 2)

Ch: Long-distance loving.............
This is our time and our time is forever

Sheila Mosley, October 2000.